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The only thing you know is that what you are feeling and thinking would not be making sense to somebody else. But is strange how every time I feel psychotic this deep understanding about simultaneous events and their meanings comes to me. For instance at this moment you are reading this article, but just try to think that at the same moment there is somebody somewhere on earth viewing a sunset, somebody else dying, somebody watching CNN, somebody riding a bicycle, someone singing, somebody making love and so on … My mind feel exhausted. The sense of a relief, a strange relief of my spirit is the main experience. I do not need to worry anymore. I can view it all. When I watch the sky I can imagine how far a star is. I can feel and hear the birds like they are standing on my shoulder. Feels like I can understand or feel what they are saying. I see the ants like they are big. Just double there size. I see a dog … it seems like I can understand and feel what they are saying. I remember the past with an amazing amount of detail. Strangely to it seems like I can see the future. I can imagine the future garden we will have. I see everything in the garden even the ants in my future garden. The wind is cool. The morning is beautiful. I really enjoy the morning.  The energy in my body feels like revealing secrets of my life and environment. I am afraid of these secrets for one or other reason. I can not tell. But the energy keeps flowing. The water feels cool in my throat. It feels normal. Love feels magnified. But pain undergoes in the soul pitifully the same magnifying effect.

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