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World of spirits

Spirits in the world

Living in human bodies

with goals to reach

Sometime they get distracted

And the love extracted

Focus on the love in your heart

This will guide you to the happy end

To the heaven on earth

Can we create heaven on earth?

Is it allowed to be wanting to create heaven on earth?

Live the best life you can live

This is the aim ….

Leyenda: videoclip made in Aruba

Leyenda – Interpreted by Yasmara

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Chants d’Espagne is a suite of pieces for the piano by Isaac Albéniz, (given the opus number op. 232) originally published in 1892. The two pieces Córdoba and Seguidillas were added in the 1898 edition.

The Prelude is also known under the titles Asturias and Leyenda, titles given to it when it was incorporated into an extended version of Albéniz’s Suite española, (two years after the composer’s death). It is probably more famous today in one of its guitar arrangements. Many have attributed the first transcription for guitar to Francisco Tarrega who put it in its most recognizable key, E minor; it was subsequently made popular by Andrés Segovia. The theme, or versions of it, is often used in film music and popular music.

Hands in action








Albéniz’s biographer, Walter Aaron Clark, describes the piece as “pure Andalusian flamenco” with a main theme that mimics the guitar technique of alternating the thumb and fingers of the right hand, playing a pedal-note open string with the index finger and a bass melody with the thumb. The theme itself suggests the rhythm of the buleria— a song from the flamenco  repertoire. The ‘marcato’/’staccato’ markings suggest both guitar sounds and the footwork of a flamenco dancer. The piece sounds as though it is written in the Phrygian mode which is typical of bulerias. The second section is a reminiscent of a copla — a sung verse following a specific form. Clark states that it is written in typical Albéniz form as it is “presented monophonically but doubled at the fifteenth for more fullness of sound. The music alters between a solo and accompaniment that is typical of flamenco. The short middle section of the piece is written in the style of a malagueña— another flamenco style piece. The malaguena borrows two motives from the previous copla and builds on them. The piece returns to its first theme until a slow “hymn-like” passage ends the piece.

This is one of the first excuisite ( Extremely beautiful and, typically, delicate )  selection of music that Yasmara is interpreting and producing.
I hope that you enjoy the song as much as I enjoyed practising and playing this song.

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If I

If I eat healthy I will die…
If I get dirty I will still die…
If I pray I will still die…
If I read I will still die …
If I dance I will still die…
If I say goodbye I will still die …
If I see the butterfly I will still die …

But When I see you I feel like I will live…..
I am alive when I see you …
I am alive when I love you …….
You make my life be alive…
Even if I love you I will still die…
But the love inside will still live ….

If I do sports I will still die …
If I see my children play I will still die ….
If I have a solution for the problem I will still die….
If I do not have a solution for the problem I will still die …
If I hurry and be on time I will still die ….
So what is the point?
What is the fucking point to of all of this?

But When I see you I feel like I will live…..
I am alive when I see you …
I am alive when I love you …….
You make my life be alive…
Even if I love you I will still die…
But the love inside will still live ….


The only thing you know is that what you are feeling and thinking would not be making sense to somebody else. But is strange how every time I feel psychotic this deep understanding about simultaneous events and their meanings comes to me. For instance at this moment you are reading this article, but just try to think that at the same moment there is somebody somewhere on earth viewing a sunset, somebody else dying, somebody watching CNN, somebody riding a bicycle, someone singing, somebody making love and so on … My mind feel exhausted. The sense of a relief, a strange relief of my spirit is the main experience. I do not need to worry anymore. I can view it all. When I watch the sky I can imagine how far a star is. I can feel and hear the birds like they are standing on my shoulder. Feels like I can understand or feel what they are saying. I see the ants like they are big. Just double there size. I see a dog … it seems like I can understand and feel what they are saying. I remember the past with an amazing amount of detail. Strangely to it seems like I can see the future. I can imagine the future garden we will have. I see everything in the garden even the ants in my future garden. The wind is cool. The morning is beautiful. I really enjoy the morning.  The energy in my body feels like revealing secrets of my life and environment. I am afraid of these secrets for one or other reason. I can not tell. But the energy keeps flowing. The water feels cool in my throat. It feels normal. Love feels magnified. But pain undergoes in the soul pitifully the same magnifying effect.

Blue eyes

I see the snow landscape around you
Makes your blue eyes seem like the centre of the universe
The love I feel reflects in your red lips
I feel the peace
I feel the hope
I feel the truth
Your love brings to my life …..

I dream of …
Wish of us …
Being together in this paradise….
The paradise we are living in …
It’s just we take it for granted.
My heart beat when I feel the sun on my skin.
When I see the light my life feels with peace